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About‚Äč the Excited Traveler

Who is The Exited Traveler and what is this site?


The Excited Traveler

Hi. It's Blaise, The Excited Traveler here. I am 27-year-old used-to-be web programmer guy from Hungary. I realized we live once and we have to enjoy live instead of being trapped in the rat race. I hated my workplace, had absolutely no free time, so in the end of 2017 I quit.

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Online Business and Motivation

With a bunch of experiences in programming I started learning online & social media marketing in the beginning of 2016. Soon I discovered it's the thing I like the best and have to use what I have learnt. Nowadays I teach online marketing and motivating others to follow their dreams.

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Travel Experiences and Travel Tips

Doing what I love (online marketing) it also made me completely location-free. I can work anywhere from the world where there is Internet connectivity. So I travel a lot and documenting it on The Excited Traveler. I am also looking for advanced travel tips and I share the best of them here.

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Learn about my method what I am using for a while to get free or extremely cheap flight tickets to my desired destinations.