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Accelerate Your Growth: 9 Must-Have Tips for Maximum Life Performance

All of us want to live with maximum life performance. I will give you 9 must have tips, mostly online applications which will help you to become the of best you ever.


Have you heard that most of the Fortune 500 company CEOs meditate? It’s not a coincidence. If you start your day with a 10-minute long meditation, you will feel stress relief, inner peace and you will get energized immediately. I could list the positive impacts here for a while but believe me, I have been meditating for around 2 years every single day and it helped me a lot.

If this whole meditation thing seems a weird thing for you then Headspace is your best choice. I also started using this app 2 years ago and Andy, the instructor helps us to learn meditation with small, easy sessions. He also has a calming voice which is also awesome.

If I could tell you my #1 secret of growth, I would say Headspace.

I don’t want to sell this product and I also don’t earn anything for this suggestion. I simply feel this is one of the most awesome “tools” I have ever seen. Go and check it out now, they have a 10-day long free basics session which is enough for tasting the advantages of meditation.

Click here to visit Headspace.

Momentum Dashboard for Chrome/Firefox

My second recommendation is a Chrome/Firefox plugin which replaces the “New Tab” screen of the browser. To be honest I installed it a few years ago because I have been browsing Facebook and YouTube all day long and I wanted to hide the shortcut icons from the new tab page. This plugin helped me to reduce my addiction to these time-consuming sites.

If this wouldn’t be enough it shows you a random motivational quote every day plus a really nice looking random background image too. You can add to-do items which will be also shown and you will always know what the current time is.

The best? The basic feature mentioned above are completely free. They also have a paid pro version but I didn’t feel I should buy it.

Click here to install Momentum Dashboard for Chrome.

Click here to install Momentum Dashboard for Firefox.

Facebook Newsfeed Eradicator

As I mentioned above I was suffering from addiction to Facebook. Even if nothing new happened on the site, I have been refreshing the news feed. I didn’t want to miss out of something. Probably this situation is familiar to you.


I can’t recommend this plugin enough, it saved me a couple of hours EVERY DAY! I have already written about the advantages of the plugin in my previous blog post: How to win several productive hours a day? I really recommend you to read it.

Facebook Newsfeed Eradicator removes the news feed from the homepage of Facebook and also removes the live ticker above the chat. It replaces the feed area with an inspirational quote. This is really good because you won’t scroll the feed if it’s a must to answer a message on chat or go to manage your ads/groups on Facebook.

Click here to install Facebook News Feed Eradicator for Chrome.


All of us have some smaller or larger projects or daily to-dos. Trello is one of the best (if not the best) project management application I have ever seen. You can add separate boards to your different projects, share them with your colleagues (so you can work together efficiently), add comments, due dates – basically everything you need for a project management tool.

The basic features are free but they also have a paid version. I am still using the free version and I am totally satisfied. It’s really recommended to start using it.

Click here to go to Trello.


This website will help you if you suffer from lack of motivation. Of course, we all have goals but most of us have problems to achieve them. There is a huge gap between having and completing your goals. With stickK you can sign a contract with yourself that you will complete a specific goal (you choose). If you don’t complete, you have to pay money for a chosen charity or anti-charity purpose or for a friend.

It’s based on psychology because we don’t want to lose money.

I have been using this tool for a few months and I finished used-to-be hard tasks in a few days – just because I didn’t want to pay for anti-charity purposes (anti-charity means that you donate for an organization what you don’t understand with and support).

If you complete all of your goals, this tool is also completely free.

Click here to visit stickK.

Cold Turkey

In my previous post about “How to win several productive hours a day?” I have written about blocking distracting websites. Back then I recommended Freedom but I have found a more aggressive software which you can’t kill from Task Manager and also have support for automatic blocking schedules.

Cold Turkey is the way to go if you want to block distracting websites like Facebook, YouTube, Gmail or any websites and desktop apps.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention. It also supports Pomodoro-like sessions on an automatic schedule. You set the time you want to work – 25 minutes is fine, then 5 minutes break and the software automatically switch between blocking and allowing the sites you have specified in a list.

My extra tip:

Set a randomly generated password in the settings of Cold Turkey, give that password to 2 of your best friends or family members and tell them only give this password to you if you’re begging them. You won’t be able to change your block schedule without the password, so you won’t waste your time.


Cold Turkey comes with a free version, which is also awesome, but if you want to set up automatic schedules you have to get the pro version which is a small investment. It’s not a huge amount of money but it will help you making 10x of that price in a short time. I totally recommend this product.

Click here to get Cold Turkey.

Disable notifications

You know how much we use our phones a day? It’s a horrifying amount of time. That’s why you should cut your phone usage, just like I did.

Messages, funny videos, emails can wait! Turn off notifications for all of them and only check them once or twice a day.

In some cases, you can save several HOURS every day with this small trick.

Cold Turkey Writer

If you have a blog or a social media page, you will need content on it. Probably you are already writing a bunch of texts. Cold Turkey Writer comes from the same developer as the Cold Turkey software (mentioned above). So this is a guarantee for quality and aggressive behavior for the application. You can’t close the program until you have completed the goal you have specified when opened the software.

This post is also written in this simple but awesome text editor.

This is also coming in a free and paid version. I am using the free version because the default font and other settings are totally fine for me.

Click here to get Cold Turkey Writer.

Daily reading & Google Play Books

One of the keys to constant growth is reading, a lot! I recommend you to start your day with at least reading 10 pages from a book (it should be in a topic which you want to achieve growth in – in my case I read marketing/business/self-development books every single day).

I recommend you to use the Google Play Books service. You can also buy books from them but if you have bought an eBook (or got a free eBook as a gift) somewhere else, you can upload it to Google Play Books and you can read it on your computer, phone and tablet devices. It gets synchronized automatically which page currently you are in your books.

Oh, and it’s free!

Click here to go to Google Play Books.


Constant growth should be a really important thing in everyone’s life. With some easy tricks and applications, you can join the team of constantly improving people. Whether it’s about developing new, good habits or about reading every day, time spent with the improvement of yourself is the best spent.

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