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Why did I quit my job and why you should do so?

You’re like most of the people, and you hate your job? I was in the same situation for years… until that point when it was enough, and I collected enough courage to talk with my boss about my future and quit my job. If you don’t know me, let me introduce myself. My name is Blaise (in my country they know me as Balázs, but it’s hard to pronounce in English), a mid-20s guy from the capital of Hungary. I always wanted to be a web developer, so I started this long journey when I was 6, later I went to an IT-specific high school and got my BSc degree as an IT engineer. In 2014 I started working at a company as a frontend web developer as an intern. Then in 2015 when I got my degree, I’ve become a full-time employee — starting my road down to the hell. I couldn’t handle it more, and I quit at the end of 2017, even ditching my big dream profession. The reasons why I quit There are several reasons which encouraged me to leave my job and start an entirely new life. Probably you will be able to relate with [...]