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How to fight your fear of flights?

Even though planes are one of the safest transportation devices, a lot of us are terrified of the idea of flying. If you can fight your fears you will be able to travel to beautiful places, or to a relative far away. Read the reasons below why you shouldn’t have fear of flying and if it’s not enough, I have a technique what you can use. Let’s begin… Airplanes are really safe There is around 0.00001% chance that something bad will happen during your flight. There is almost no chance you will suffer an accident. Let’s be honest, the statistics mentioned above doesn’t worth anything if you have bad luck and experience that 0.00001%. It won’t save your life if something happens but knowing how safe it is to fly around the world, you will be able to get relaxed during your flights. Flying is really safe. I mean really! It is the safest transportation method currently exists. When you are flying in a developed country, your chances of experience a plane crash are 1 in 30 million. There is a lot of more dangerous thing in life than flying A lot of everyday activities are more dangerous than flying. [...]

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These are the Top Online Work Opportunities

So you have decided you want to work online or want to make an own business on the internet which will make you a decent amount of passive income. Before you start you should have a strategy of what you will do. The truth is these opportunities might or might not become your full-time job. You can start working online while still having a full-time job or you can even start them if you don’t have a job, neither previous experiences. So these are the top opportunities which will help you build a nice income online. Blog Starting your blog is one of the most important things you can do to earn money online. If you have experience in some field of life you should start your blog today. You can monetize your blog with some or all of the methods mentioned below. Write eBooks If you’re like most people you have a lot of experiences in some particular fields of life. Even if it seems a no-brainer to you what you’re good in, your experiences can help a lot of beginner people in your chosen field. It’s not that hard to write books, even if you are [...]

How to skyrocket your business in small steps?

How to skyrocket your business in small steps? Everyone wants to go in the fast lane and skyrocket their business. Probably you’re also an entrepreneur if you’re reading this. However, there are several blocking problems in our journey. With the right techniques, we can win over these and switch to the fast lane. Problem with doing too many things As a beginner entrepreneur, the biggest mistake you can do is to work on too many things. It can cause even bigger problems if you’re doing these tasks parallel. Our brain is not designed to do several tasks at the same time, although most of us are capable of this. Switching back and forth between multiple tasks distract us and it’s really hard to return to the original task. We are definitely losing a lot of important time this way. So if you’re jumping back and forth between different tasks which you don’t know how will help your business (if it will help), just stop doing this. Nowadays we have so many different opportunities that we are freeze and we don’t have clue what should we do. We have a lot of things on our to-do lists and because we don’t [...]

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Drop unnecessary things from your to-do list to the trash can and save a bunch of time.

Drop unnecessary things from your to-do list to the trash can and save a bunch of time. Do you suffer from an inefficient to-do list? Most people do… but you can do against it with these easy tricks. You will never have problems again if you apply these tips regularly. The base problem It comes from the human nature that we like to collect a lot of things. Gadgets, books and even to-do list items. We write down more and more things to do and it gets crowded soon. You will feel guilty if you keep a lot of tasks on your list and you will not follow the deadlines. In worse cases, you will even stop using your to-do list. That’s why you have to keep it clean and easily understandable. More tasks ≠ Better results Doing more tasks doesn’t mean you will be more productive and it doesn’t automatically mean that you will get better results too. Less but better-described tasks are more effective and will bring you better results. You should know that 80% of our tasks won’t bring us closer to our dreams (This is known as Pareto rule). Also, if you have fewer tasks on [...]

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How to win several productive hours a day?

Most of the people are suffering from having too little time every day. But to be honest all of the biggest leaders and really successful people also have 24 hours a day and they can finish their tasks. In this post you will learn useful methods to win several productive hours every day. Our old habits hold us back If you watch carefully you will find out that you’re doing almost the same things every day. If you’re using your time properly this isn’t a problem. However, if you’re watching YouTube videos for hours or scrolling through your Facebook feed then it’s a serious problem. It’s a proven thing that people are doing the same thing in 90% of their time as yesterday. Right, 90%. If you’re wasting your time with doing useless things in your time you can suck into a circle and without self-control, it’s hard to get out of that. Our everyday habits determine how well we are going towards to our dreams. However, I have a good news for you. You can overwrite your old bad habits with new good habits. You “only” need some self-discipline and some methods to help you. The most effective way [...]

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Why did I quit my job and why you should do so?

You’re like most of the people and you hate your job? I was in the same situation for years… until that point when it was enough and I collected enough courage to talk with my boss about my future and quit my job. If you don’t know me, let me introduce myself. My name is Blaise (in my country they know me as Balázs but it’s hard to pronounce in English), a mid-20s guy from the capital of Hungary. I always wanted to be a web developer so I started this long journey when I was 6, went to an IT specific high school and got my BSc degree as an IT engineer. In 2014 I started working at a company as a frontend web developer as an intern. Then in 2015 when I got my degree I’ve become a full-time employee. Starting my road down to the hell… I couldn’t handle it more and I quit in the end of 2017, even ditching my big dream profession. The reasons why I quit There are several reasons which encouraged me to quit my job and start a completely new life. Probably you will be able relate with most or all [...]

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