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Help us to clean the planet from garbage

In today’s post, I will discuss a really important topic. I want you to help me/us to clean the planet from garbage. During my journeys, I have seen so many garbage and it made me really angry. It shouldn’t be this way and I want to invite you to join my movement.

Challenge accepted?

I will start the post with the homework for everyone who is reading it and I will talk about the problem in the latter part of the post.

The challenge is easy but it can help the Earth to survive and also for people to live in a clean environment.

Go outside and bring a rubbish bag with yourself. A plastic cleaning glove is also recommended but if you wash your hands carefully after you’re done it’s not required. Walk on the street and collect garbage and you can’t go home until your bag is not filled completely.

If you can think about really filthy places close to your home and start cleaning that place.

The problem

Okay, so you know what you should do… but what is the problem actually?

Plastic and other waste will stay in nature for really long time and as time goes and people throwing away more and more garbage outside it will add up and everything will be covered with rubbish.

We should stop it and recover the cleanliness of the Earth.

Other cleaning movements

My movement isn’t the first one which exists but this problem is so huge and we can’t give enough attention it. I feel my responsibility to affect others’ thinking.

I will show you some unbelievable things achieved by awesome human beings.

Shah, 33, began cleaning the beach in 2015 with the help of a neighbor. Over time, he was joined by more than 1,000 volunteers including local Versova residents, slum-dwellers, politicians, Bollywood celebrities and schoolchildren.

The volunteers have also cleaned 52 public toilets at the beach and planted 50 coconut trees. Shah says he wants to plant 5,000 coconut trees there and turn it into a “coconut lagoon like it used to be.”

“What I do is I pick up plastic. This is how I’ve been spending my weekends since 2015 and I love it,” Shah said.

Source: From filthy to fabulous: Mumbai beach undergoes dramatic makeover (CNN)

Did you know that every single piece of plastic ever made is still around today? I didn’t know this until recently and it’s insane! Think about all the plastic we’ve ever used, even if it was recycled, it’s still around – most plastic is only used once and then thrown away, and it’s still there. Isn’t that crazy!

Source: 10 plastic items to avoid on your travels (Travelling Weasels)


Garbage is a huge problem today and we should start cleaning the Earth soon because we will drown in the waste soon. Join the “movement” mentioned above.


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  1. Hi!

    I live in London, and I can totally relate to the problem you mentioned in this article…
    Living in a metropolis comes with a lot of garbage on the street that can’t be picked up fast enough.

    People should STOP throwing away trash on the street, nature, and beaches. Basically everywhere.

    Last weekend I went out with two other friends to the closest park and collected garbage in 3(!!) rubbish bag.

    Lina from London

    1. Hi Mina,

      Thank you for your comment.
      That’s such an awesome thing you did with your friends in that park close by!

      Yes, and I totally agree with the metropolitan garbage problem, I lived for several years in Budapest, Hungary, which is a fairly big city in Europe.

      Have a nice day. 🙂

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