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Here is how I have experienced quitting my job

This post will be a little personal but will also contain a lot of useful information from my experiences to make your decision easier.

Long story short

As you may have known I quit my job to build my online business while traveling the world.

Check my previous blog post: Why did I quit my job and why you should do so?

It was a long period of time before I actually quit my job. I was suffering a really long time even without knowing my job is my main problem. So I made the decision and it was my best decision, period.

It’s scary

The upcoming time after quitting your job is scary. Really scary to be honest. All of your habits change from one day to another. You don’t have to go to the office, you don’t have to work on projects you don’t want to. But the scariest thing is you don’t have superiors so you are responsible for all of your decisions. It also gives you so much freedom but it’s also scary because suddenly you won’t get the consistent cash flow from your workplace and it puts so much pressure on you.

You don’t believe until you try it

If you are in the same shoe as I was then I can say you one thing. You don’t believe the things I say until you try it. I also had mentors who were trying to convince me I have to take this huge step. I was too scared to believe this situation can turn good… until I haven’t tried it. I am much happier than I was and I can do anything whenever I want. And the best? Anywhere I want.

You don’t need the permission of others

Probably you know how bad it is when your relatives and friends don’t support you in big decisions. You know what? It’s your life and you don’t need the permission of others.

When I told my family and my friends I want to quit and don’t want to take another job as an employee only one relative supported me, my girlfriend. The others were skeptical and didn’t believe I can make money online and they tried to convince me to take another job as an employee. But I didn’t listen to them and how well I did…

Employee mindset

It’s clear that not all of us meant to be an entrepreneur and there isn’t any problem with this. Although when people with employee mindset want to influence you and talk you out of a big decision just because they have fear to do it, it’s not right.

People with the employee mindset can’t imagine the life as a business owner because they need clearly defined tasks which they can complete. They also don’t want to take risks which is crucial for an own business.

To sum up, if you have an employee mindset it’s also fine but then being an entrepreneur is simply not for you. Otherwise, it would be a big mistake to skip this journey (unless you are not already an entrepreneur).

Hating my job

Do you hate your job? You’re not alone, most of the people really hate their job. But you know that you can change this situation. I am not saying you will love your current work – even though with a little mindset change you can do so. No, if you hate your job it’s time to look for a new opportunity. I encourage you to jump into a community and start working on your online business. It has several positive effects such as time and location freedom.

I have already written a blog post on this topic, read it after you have finished this post.

If you don’t want to take the risk but still hate your current job, it’s time to find a new job as an employee at a different company. Nothing is as important as your mental and physical wellbeing. Taking too much time in a position you hate it will start making you sick slowly, first mentally and then physically. Not wait until it’s “too late”.

Escaping your comfort zone

Trapped in your comfort zone is regular and 99% of people experience this all the time. When they can get out of their comfort zone, magical things happen.

When I felt myself my life doesn’t have too much meaning anymore because of my job and other problems I collected a huge energy boost from my fear and I learned to use it to my advantage and pushed myself out of my comfort zone.

I think we can agree that making a huge decision can terrify you. If you can’t handle the situation you can and up being crazy. That’s why I encourage you to ask the question from yourself “What is the worst thing in my life I have to change on?”. Once you know the answer start taking action. Of course, you have to be rational but once you know what is your problem just start doing anything against it, not wait as (too) much as I did with my job. In a few months or years, you will say thank you for your past yourself.

Life is more than career

People say: Don’t leave your job until you’ve found another. In most cases I could say it’s true, however, if you have plans and collected enough money to live without any problems for the next 12-24 months, then you can leave it now.

Your life is way more than just your career and if your current job doesn’t make you happy, then you have to move on.


Although it was a scary decision to ditch my job, I felt relief and I started to enjoy my life more than ever before. Until you haven’t tried you can’t answer the question what will this be like, but if you have collected enough money to survive the next 1 or 2 years and also have a plan what will you do, then you can go on a never-ending holiday. Otherwise just stay for a while and collect some extra money. 🙂

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