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How to fight your fear of flights?

Even though planes are one of the safest transportation devices, a lot of us are terrified of the idea of flying. If you can fight your fears you will be able to travel to beautiful places, or to a relative far away. Read the reasons below why you shouldn’t have fear of flying and if it’s not enough, I have a technique what you can use. Let’s begin…

Airplanes are really safe

There is around 0.00001% chance that something bad will happen during your flight. There is almost no chance you will suffer an accident.

Let’s be honest, the statistics mentioned above doesn’t worth anything if you have bad luck and experience that 0.00001%. It won’t save your life if something happens but knowing how safe it is to fly around the world, you will be able to get relaxed during your flights.

Flying is really safe. I mean really! It is the safest transportation method currently exists. When you are flying in a developed country, your chances of experience a plane crash are 1 in 30 million.

There is a lot of more dangerous thing in life than flying

A lot of everyday activities are more dangerous than flying. I list some of them to statistically compare them with flying, it’s not here to make you more anxious. It simply shows your fears are irrational and helps you to make calm.

For example, cars are way more dangerous than airplanes. Much more accidents happen, and a lot of them ends with death. Chances of dying in a car accident are around 1 in 5000. Compared to the statistics of plane crashes (which is 1 in 30 million) it’s 6000x bigger chance to die in a car than in a plane. So if you’ve arrived successfully at the airport you’ve gone through the most dangerous parts of your journey and you shouldn’t be afraid of the flight itself anymore.

There is also a bigger chance of death by food poisoning, hit by a lighting, falling off the bed and even walking on the street.

Get prepared for movements during your flight

Most of our fears come from that we don’t know what will happen next. You will start asking questions and it will make you anxious. Why we have to keep our seatbelts on? Why is it so loud, will it explode?

In the sky turbulence is a usual thing but it sometimes horrifies you because it comes at the most unexpected moments. So get prepared for these moments and simply don’t panic when you feel random movements on the plane.

Your ears will feel weird, but you have to know it’s due the air pressure changes and it won’t cause any problems.

Planes are checked regularly

Airplane companies have strict rules and laws to follow. They have to check every part of their planes before every single flight. So all parts of the airplanes are repaired or completely switched if they see even a tiny little problem. They have to take 11x more times with repairing and maintenance than the aircraft takes in the sky. So if you have a 4 hours long flight, the plane has to go through an incredible 44 hours of maintenance. This way they can guarantee everything will go smooth and there won’t be any problem during flights.

Value your flights

If you have a phobia of flights, you should be thankful for them because you will get closer and closer with every flight to totally overcome your fear of flights.


You can calm your busy mind down with meditation techniques. When your anxiety is really strong or you actually have a panic attack, it’s really hard to imagine you can calm down. What is really annoying with anxiety and panic attacks is you can’ control them. You really don’t want to feel that way, it just happens, this is a protection mechanism in your brain. That’s why you have to train yourself to be able to stay calm in different situations. It may sound horrifying to fly but actually, it’s only your inner fears what tells you this.

Most of the times when you’re having panic attacks other people around you don’t understand why is it happening with you and why you’re afraid so much. They always tell you about the statistics and you should think rational. But you have to understand it doesn’t really help you.

To get out of the anxiety of flight you have to understand the underlying thoughts. When you have a negative thought of flying in your mind for a while, when your trip comes closer and closer, this thought will become stronger. You will take more and more energy to think about this though which can be “I am nervous” or “I don’t know what will happen during my flight”. This way you will become really tense and you can only think about this horrifying idea. Basically, you have fear of the unknown.

For the few of my flights I also had this feeling. Then I found an app called Headspace. They have a free 10-session long introduction meditation course and I encourage you to try. I don’t get any money for recommending this, I just feel it’s the best service in this topic.

I also tried their free 10-session package, went through it for 3 or 4 times before I’ve become a subscriber. After every session, I’ve become much calmer. Yes, even from the free sessions. It also helped me to fight my fear of flights.

Visit Headspace’s website.


All of your fears are only in your brain and they’re not real. You just say yourself you’re afraid, but you don’t have any reason to be fearful of flying. If you check the statistics and reasons above and it’s still not enough, try meditation and I am almost totally sure your fears will fly away, just like you. 🙂

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