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How to skyrocket your business in small steps?

Everyone wants to go in the fast lane and skyrocket their business. Probably you’re also an entrepreneur if you’re reading this. However, there are several blocking problems in our journey. With the right techniques, we can win over these and switch to the fast lane.

Problem with doing too many things

As a beginner entrepreneur, the biggest mistake you can do is to work on too many things. It can cause even more significant problems if you’re doing these tasks parallel.

Our brain is not designed to do several tasks at the same time, although most of us are capable of this. Switching back and forth between multiple tasks distract us, and it’s tough to return to the original work. We are losing a lot of valuable time this way.

So if you’re jumping back and forth between different tasks which you don’t know how will help your business (if it will help), stop doing this.

Nowadays we have so many different opportunities that we are overwhelmed, and we don’t have a clue what should we do. We have a lot of things on our to-do lists, and because we don’t know which one should we choose, or how to start solving them, we don’t start any of them. This way we settle down in the mediocrity and don’t go forward.

There is another problem with too many tasks. If you have several important jobs, you will overthink it, and you will think about this: “If I am doing this task, the other important tasks won’t go forward.” It can make you go nuts.

Set Your Goals

It’s clear you can’t continue the things above. So you have to change your thinking.

Start it with setting your goals. Find your purpose of why are you doing your business, why you are blogging or whatever is your business.

For example, if I would ask you why you are blogging, can you answer? Can you define what you want to achieve and how you will you make it?

Take your time and think about your goals. Let’s be honest and write down everything that pops up in your mind. If your goals are to make a blog which will help you maintain a nice amount of passive income, write it down on a paper or a text document. You should list all of your goals. Write them, and later you will arrange them.

There is two important type of goals in this case: personal and business related. You must write both of them but be careful not to mix them. You can mix them in one exceptional case: when that particular goal is both your personal and business goal.

So unless you have both goals for your personal and business life you should think in two separate lists. Take your time to think about your goals: if you’re doing it right, it will take at least 60 minutes.

Before starting you will have to ask the following questions from yourself to be the most effective with this task.

If it’s a personal goal, you should ask yourself whether you really want to achieve this? If your answer is yes, simply write down your ideas on your document or paper. If no, then it’s not your goal which is fine, you have to think more.

If it’s a business goal, you should ask yourself what that particular goal will do for your business? Think ahead at least three months, but the more, the better.

Another question for your business goals is if you need someone to hire to help you achieve your goals?

Create Your Strategy

After you have the list of your goals, you should create a strategy of how can you achieve them.

Goals are just one-third of the big picture. You should know how to reach them, or in other words: what should you do to make your goals a reality. And the third one is to maintain a consistent schedule.

So you have to create a strategy which you will follow every day to make your goals a reality.

Instead of doing a lot of small tasks every day, you should start your day with your biggest, most important job which is in alignment with your goals. If you have completed this task your day was successful, even if you won’t do anything else on that day. The other smaller tasks are just extra rewards.

But until you haven’t done your task, you mustn’t go to Facebook or your email account. You have to be strict with yourself to achieve great success.

Refine Your Workflow

Decide your most important task for tomorrow at the end of your day. This way it’s one less decision you have to make at the beginning of the day, and you can use this energy to work on your most important task.

It shouldn’t take too much time to arrange your tasks, but you will be much more productive the next day if you do so.

So to refine your workflow make a schedule for your next three months. Open your Calendar (I prefer digital versions because I see them on all of my devices) and your to-do list and start planning. You should start with the critical tasks which are in alignment with your most significant goals. Write down one crucial task for every day when you are working. It’s essential to take free days when you won’t work, so skip them in your planning process.

If you find something small and not important task on your to-do list, drop them to the trash can, and you can save a bunch of time.

Develop a Reward System

It’s also important to feel well while going towards your goals. Otherwise, you will burn out.

That’s why it’s important to reward yourself after completing a bigger task.

So for example, if you have achieved some bigger jobs, you can reward yourself with your favorite food or go to the cinema. It depends on you. The reward shouldn’t be a huge thing. The secret is in the small things.


You can see that the secret is in the small things instead of the big ones. You should write down your most significant goals and create a plan how will you achieve them. So if you can develop a system, you will be able to go forward with your goals in small steps.

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