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How to win several productive hours a day?

Most of the people are suffering from having too little time every day. But to be honest all of the most significant leaders and successful people also have 24 hours a day, and they can finish their tasks. In this post, you will learn useful methods to win several productive hours every day.

Our old habits hold us back

If you observe your day, you will find out that you’re doing almost the same things every day. If you’re using your time correctly, this isn’t a problem. However, if you’re watching YouTube videos for hours or scrolling through your Facebook feed, then it’s a severe problem.

It’s a proven thing that people are doing the same thing in 90% of their time as yesterday. Right, 90%. If you’re wasting your time doing useless things in your time, you can suck into a circle, and without self-control, it’s hard to get out of that.

Our everyday habits determine how well we are going towards to our dreams.

However, I have good news for you. You can overwrite your old bad habits with new good habits. You “only” need some self-discipline and some methods to help you.

The most effective way to win productive hours

I have a method which I am using for a while, and it helped me the most. It’s straightforward and the best thing: it’s free.

You need a notebook (or some blank papers) or a text document on your computer/phone.

What you need to do is to write down in every 15 minutes what you are doing. Do this for 30 days. Also add comments for every line whether the task was useful, gave you joy or helped you going forward with your goals. You should also do this on weekends.

After a few days doing this, you can start analyzing your regular days. You will see a pattern because you’re doing 90% the same things every day.

Analyze this list carefully, and you will see what your bad habits are which steal your productive time. If it’s something digital, like Facebook, YouTube or email, I can give you an easy solution to eliminate them from your life. If it’s something like watching TV, you have to talk with your inner self and think again whether it gives you value or not.

There is a good quote from Jim Rohn: “Poor people have big TVs. Rich people have big libraries.”. Just think about this a little. 🙂

Time-saving software tools

Probably you’re also using your computer to work as it’s common today. Services like Facebook, YouTube, email, news websites can steal your valuable time. You have to stop this.

I use several software and browser extensions to save my time. Here are the three most important which I use: Freedom, StayFocusd, Facebook News Feed Eradicator.


It’s a cool software which can run on Windows/macOS computers and even on iOS/Android phones. You can set sessions when you want to block specific sites. They have a default list which all of the Social media websites. You can also add a custom list of websites, and I recommend to do it.

If you have completed the 30-day habit tracking task, you will see what websites consumes a lot of time from your life. Add them here.

This software has a free trial where you can use seven sessions for free. You should experiment it, and I encourage you to subscribe or buy the software (they have a one-time payment if you prefer that more), it’s not expensive and if you’re using it consistently it will worth it. I am using it for a while and the time I won due using this app, paid its price in a few days.

Click here to go to Freedom’s website.


This Chrome extension is completely free and helps you by limiting the usage of “bad” sites. You can set an amount of time which you enable yourself to use the blocked sites. If the time is up, you won’t be able to access those sites. You can set up a Challenge which you need to type whenever you want to change the settings or want to disable the extension. It’s so hard that you will give up after a few tries.

Click here to go to StayFocusd’s website.

Facebook News Feed Eradicator

This Chrome extension is also free which I use for almost a year. It removes the news feed from the homepage of Facebook and also eliminates the live ticker above the chat. It replaces the feed area with an inspirational quote. It’s good because you won’t scroll the feed if it’s a must to answer a message on chat or go to manage your ads/groups on Facebook.

Click here to go to Facebook News Feed Eradicator’s website.

Eliminate decision-making tasks in the morning

We have to be as effective in the mornings as we can. That’s why you shouldn’t think about in your mornings what should you do in the next hours. To prevent this, you should plan your next day at the end of the previous day. Write down your top to-do items on a small post-it paper in the order of their priority. Most important tasks should be on the top.


You decide what you’re spending your time with as you can see your time is relative. Our old habits are holding us back, and we spend 90% of our days with the same tasks – every day. You can change your old bad habits to new good habits in small steps by eliminating distractive things from your life.

You should use applications to help you get back your time, and you should track your time for an extended period, and you will be able to get several productive hours.

Simply close social media sites, email clients, messenger applications – so every distracting services to be able to focus on more important things.


If you have questions feel free to ask in the comments below, I take my time to reply to every comment.

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  1. I am using the tricks mentioned in the post for just a few days and I have started to see the results!
    Facebook News Feed Eradicator and Freedom is the best so far. It’s hard to say but I was addicted to FB and I had to stop this…
    The first few days was really hard because I always wanted to scroll through the news feed due to my old habits.
    It’s also genious to track where I lose time, I have been tracking my days in 15 minute units and I see where I can improve and win back time.


    1. Thank you for the feedback, I loved it.
      Yeah, Facebook is an awesome tool… if you use it right. 🙂
      On my phone I still scroll through the feed once a day, or once every other day. But I cleaned up my feed dramatically before this. I am following only a few people and pages which are truly relevant for me. I can scroll through 24-48 hours of posts in maximum 5 minutes, which is awesome. So unfollow people who post too much or things you don’t care and do the same with pages too.

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