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What are the must-use digital marketing tools and websites?

It’s evident that if you want to grow your site and your online business fast, you have to use several tools and websites. In this post, I show you these must-use digital marketing tools and websites.

Quora for blog post ideas

Sometimes it can be tough to get ideas on what should you write about on your blog. That’s when I visit Quora and check the questions available related to the topic of my blog.

I take my time to collect a bunch of questions, also check the answers to get some ideas. Then when I have a lot of items on my list, I start making outlines for the blog posts. I use some parts of the answers already available on Quora, but I also research on Google for that particular topic.

Do you know what is best? Because there is already a demand for answering that question, you can post a new answer linking to the blog post you have written. It’s a win-win situation because they get a relevant response, and you get visitors to your post. 🙂

Canva for creating images

Nowadays, you don’t need expensive designers to create beautiful illustration images or infographics for your website. With Canva you can create it on your own.

You can even select from templates, and add free stock photos and beautiful texts on your images.

I always edit my photos with Canva, because it honestly made my life easier. I can produce better-looking images with almost no time needed. Oh, and did I mention it’s free?

Pexels and Pixabay – Free stock photos

Okay, now you can easily create and edit images on Canva. But it would be so much work to take pictures for all of your blog posts or courses. That’s when you can use free stock photos.

The two best websites to download free stock photos from, are Pixabay and Pexels. Both of them have incredibly lot of pictures, illustrations and other kinds of images, which are entirely free to use. I use them all the time.

Buffer and Hootsuite for scheduling social media posts

Let’s face it, posting regularly on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter can be exhausting. Especially if you have other tasks. Since I am using Hootsuite for scheduling my posts, I feel much more relaxed. I have more time, consistent daily posting even on the days I am busy, and otherwise I would skip posting.

The two most popular social media scheduling sites are Buffer and Hootsuite. I prefer Hootsuite, but it’s just my personal preference. They come with a pretty fair free plan, where you can schedule up to 30 posts.

Google Analytics & HotJar for visitor analyzing and measurements

Analyzing visitor behavior is crucial. Both Google Analytics and HotJar are free products (although the latter has paid plans). With Analytics, you can inspect where your visitors come from (search engine, social media and so on), how old they are, where do they live and similar essential data. HotJar is a little different. It records where do the visitors click and scroll on your website. There is a saying that data is king, and it cannot be more accurate. Using these tools, you can get an advantage over your competitors.

GetResponse for email marketing

Email marketing is still one of the top tools to keep your subscribers active and also to make money online. There are several email marketing solutions available, and I tested almost all of them. I found out that GetResponse has one of the best automation systems with a crazy lot of available automation conditions. Their user interface just got better lately, and they have fantastic support.

I can recommend them surely as I have been using their services for years now without any problems.

Trello for project management

In my opinion, project management is just another word for to-do lists. Although there are much more specific things required for managing a project than a simple to-do list, that’s where Trello shines. You can add due dates, checklists and whatever you need. They have an easy-to-use interface and also applications for all major operating systems. I always use it to collaborate with my virtual assistants.

Thrive Themes plugins and themes for your website (Leads, Architect & its landing page templates)

If you know me, you may know that I am totally in love with Thrive Themes. They have amazing tools to make website creation easy. Their themes are fantastic, but where they shine are their plugins. Thrive Leads is their email form creator plugin (I tried to explain it quickly, but they offer much more than that). With Thrive Architect you can create landing pages (where your visitors can subscribe to your email list) in a few minutes. The best is that you can import complete pages with a few clicks in just seconds where you only have to modify the texts, and that’s all.

If there would be a top list in this post, Thrive Themes would be the number 1 recommended toolkit.

Slack for team communication

Slack became the standard in team communication tools. I also use it to communicate with my virtual assistants, as it’s convenient and this way we can avoid emailing back and forth.

If you need a chat solution with a lot of goodies integrated (like photo sharing, audio calls, Dropbox file sharing, Trello project management integration, and so on), Slack is the way to go.

They have a free plan which covers almost everything you need. Of course, Slack also has paid plans, but I can’t say anything about that, because I always used the free one, which suits our needs.

Kraken for image optimization

A slow website can kill your business. Nowadays, most websites are full of images, and I think it’s obvious that most of them are huge. Photos which you take with your phone or a camera can be huge because they are optimized for quality and not for the speed of your website. There are several online services which you can use to make those images smaller. I tested a bunch of them, and Kraken was far the best amongst them. It converted my pictures without any visible quality loss and made significantly smaller photo files.
And you what’s the best? Their basic online image optimizer is free, and they also have a WordPress plugin to automatically optimize all of your uploaded images (Note: the usage of their WordPress plugin is free up to 100 MB. After that, you have to pay if you use the plugin. But the online optimizer is always free.)

So, if it’s image optimization, then you should use Kraken.

Grammarly for mistake-free writing

Good quality writing is crucial. Even if your English is not your mother tongue, it can be even handier to use such a tool like Grammarly.

They can fix most of the annoying grammar and other types of mistakes in the texts you write. For example, it can improve the quality of your blog posts, courses, comments and everything you write down.

Grammarly comes with a free version which corrects a lot of basic errors, but if you want to fix every possible error in your writing, you can pay for their Premium plan, which I use, and it worth every penny.

In my opinion, the best text correction tool is Grammarly.

Yoast SEO WordPress plugin for search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a technique which helps you to rank good (e.g., on the first page’s first results) in search engines like Google and Bing.

It’s a complex topic, which is made easy by the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress. Without any further explanations, you MUST use it. 🙂

The best search engine optimization plugin: Yoast SEO.

Google Drive or Dropbox

Who don’t know Google Drive or Dropbox?! They are online services where you can store your files securely. I use both of them to store and sync my business-related documents between my notebook, my phone and also my tablet.

Both Google Drive and Dropbox come with a free storage quota, which is enough in most cases. However, if you run out of storage, you can upgrade for a few bucks per month to huge storage.


To run a successful website, you have to use several tools and sites. With the tools above, your life and work can become so much easier. Even using one tool from this list, can boost your workflow a lot, imagine using all of them.

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