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The 16 best Airport and Flight hacks

Let’s face it. Flying isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Going through the security check and flying from one place to another can be tricky due to a lot of rules. In this post, I will show you the best tips and hacks which will make your journey much more comfortable.

Bring empty water bottles

If you are a frequent traveler, you know that you can’t bring too much liquid with yourself to your flight. There are strict rules applied for carry-on luggage and fluids are also regulated in that. If you want some drink, and probably you will as flights can be long, you have 2 (or 3) choices.

  1. First is to buy a drink inside the duty-free zone for the price of gold. I always avoid this.
  2. Second is to purchase your drink from the flight crew on the plane. I also avoid this, but in “emergency” cases it’s okay.
  3. Third and best option is to bring an empty water bottle with yourself.

I explain this a little more. Pack a small (half liters) water bottle to your bag and drink it before going through security check! As the bottle is empty, you can smoothly go through the security check, and it won’t alarm the crew. Fill the bottle again in the restroom anytime you want. Flying will dehydrate you, so this is a must.

Arrive early enough to avoid delays due to public transport/traffic jam

Traffic jams occur regularly in most cities, and you don’t want to miss your flight due to them. If you have been out to many cities, you can estimate when will be traffic jams. The most obvious times are when people are going to work and going home from work.

But in the meantime, there could be traffic jams anytime. Let’s get prepared for them.

Always leave your accommodation early enough to arrive around 2 hours before departure. If things go wrong and you stuck in a jam, probably there will be still enough time to catch your flight.

Always online check-in if it’s available

It’s the best option to check in online because you won’t have to wait in long lines. You should also download the boarding pass to multiple devices. It was my luck when I was flying to Corfu because I broke the screen of my phone just right at the airport and the barcode scanners weren’t able to scan the boarding pass from the cracked screen. It was my luck that I brought my tablet with myself and had the boarding pass downloaded. If you don’t have multiple electronic devices, print your boarding pass. “Safety first.” 😉

Take food with yourself & Do not purchase from the airport

You should be careful with this tip.

I always bring some sandwiches with myself on my trips. It’s cheap, can be prepared fast and it’s also easy to eat it anywhere. However, be careful with this because in some countries you can be fined for having food in your luggage. So if you see dogs at the security check-in throw your food in the provided bins or eat it. I have never had any problems because of this, and I have been in many places, so I still recommend bringing your food with yourself.

Avoid the duty-free zone at all because it’s really expensive and you can get the same products outside for way, way, way cheaper. Just be a little financially aware, and you won’t buy anything you don’t need.

Avoid jetlag with drinking much

If you ever had a long flight journey, you know that jetlag is horrible. You can do some things to avoid or decrease its effects.

As I have mentioned above, you should always bring water with yourself on board. If you have run out of drink, you can also buy it from the cabin crew (it’s expensive).

The primary cause of jet lag is dehydration. The humidity and air pressure is a fraction compared to the ground levels, and this causes fast dehydration. Alcohol and coffee make things worse. Drink water instead.

Some airport Wi-Fi can be high-speed

It may sound funny, but some airport WiFi connection is much faster than your connection at home. It’s recommended to update apps on your phone or download videos to watch on your way at the airport.

Always go to your gate first

Some airlines limit the amount of carry-on bags, and if you are at the end of the line, you most likely can’t bring your bag on board. So always go to your gate first.

Never check in luggage

Always travel light. Honestly, do you need that much stuff? I was able to take all of my essential stuff with myself in my backpack, even when packing for three months.

Always roll your clothes when packing to maximize luggage space

Rolling my clothes made it possible to pack all of my clothes and important stuff in a backpack for a 3-month long trip. Watch this video and learn how:

Investing in a good neck pillow and an eye-mask

The truth is, seats in planes aren’t that comfortable as it should be for a long trip. It can be a good investment for your neck to get a pillow designed for flights.

If you are going on an overnight flight, an eye-mask is also a must. It helps to filter out light and noises.

Wear comfortable clothes

Comfort is critical when you are in a hurry to gates, and also when you want to fit yourself into tiny seats.

The preferable clothes are jeans, a T-shirt (and if you are going to a cold place, a hoodie). Unless you are going to an important meeting, you should leave your fancy clothes at home.

Prepare your laptop and electronic devices before

Security guards will ask you to get your laptop and other electronic devices out of your bag. So prepare in advance, get them out fast and don’t keep up the line behind you.

Download offline maps before leaving

Most of the times we are going to unknown places when flying. To avoid getting lost download offline maps before leaving your home. For example, Google Maps support this, and it’s even free. Probably this is the best solution on the market yet.

Bring a pen

You never know when you will need a pen. Sometimes you’ll need to fill out papers, or you want to take note. You can even sign the logbook when you arrive and find your first geocache at your destination. 🙂

Choose aisle seat for long flights

Seats near the window are great for taking cool pictures for shorter trips. However, it’s annoying to disturb your fellow passengers whenever you need to go to the toilet. So to avoid that, choose an aisle seat.

Learn a few local words

You can’t expect everyone will speak English. Of course, you can’t and shouldn’t learn all the languages in the world, but you should know some words in the local language like thank you, hello and other necessary words. It will make local people smile to you, and generally, they will handle you a little differently.


If you follow some simple tips and hacks, you can make your journey much pleasant. Whenever it’s just about packing or bringing some food and drink, it will be so much easier and enjoyable. Have safe travels and have fun!

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