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These are the Top Online Work Opportunities

So you have decided you want to work online or want to make an own business on the internet which will make you a decent amount of passive income. Before you start you should have a strategy of what you will do.

The truth is these opportunities might or might not become your full-time job. You can start working online while still having a full-time job or you can even start them if you don’t have a job, neither previous experiences.

So these are the top opportunities which will help you build a nice income online.


Starting your blog is one of the most important things you can do to earn money online. If you have experience in some field of life you should start your blog today. You can monetize your blog with some or all of the methods mentioned below.

Write eBooks

If you’re like most people you have a lot of experiences in some particular fields of life. Even if it seems a no-brainer to you what you’re good in, your experiences can help a lot of beginner people in your chosen field. It’s not that hard to write books, even if you are writing about a topic which you have a lot of experiences in. After you have written your book you can start selling it on Amazon’s Kindle Store as eBooks or Paperback books or create an audiobook of it.

YouTube video tutorials

You can start making short YouTube tutorial videos on different kind of topics which will help people. With a little research, you can even do tutorials which you don’t have experience in. If you choose this way of work you have several opportunities to earn money. For example, if you’re patient enough and you will get 10 thousand subscribers you can join YouTube Partner Program and you can place advertisements before your videos start. This will make you at least couple hundred dollars a month soon. Another opportunity is to start your blog and you lead people to this site where you can build your email list, sell affiliate products (see in the next paragraph) or you can even start your own membership site (see 2 paragraphs below).

Affiliate marketing

The concept of affiliate marketing is easy. You don’t have enough time (or simply don’t want) to create an own product but still, want to make money online. Go to Clickbank or JVZoo and register. These are marketplaces where the vendors list their products which you can sell to your own audience. It’s good for you because you can earn 50-75% commission after every sale, and also good for the vendors because they will get much bigger exposure (more sales compared to if they’re selling their products on their own).

A lot of people earns $10k+ with affiliate marketing every month, so it’s a really good opportunity.

Membership site

If you look around the internet you will find a lot of recurring (monthly or yearly) paid membership websites. Probably you’re also a part of one or more. These are good for the sellers and the members too for several reasons. For the sellers, it’s awesome because they can predict almost totally precisely how much money will they earn (at least) in every month. There is a wide range of pricing which determines income level which you can achieve with this but one thing is sure, you will get consistently paid money with this from the members. From the members’ side, it’s good because they will get a lot of useful information every month for a small amount of money, instead of paying multiple thousands of dollars on one-time paid products.

So if you have a huge expertise in one area of your life and there is a demand for this online (go and research) this is THE way to go to earn money online.

Digital info product

Similar to membership sites, the only difference is you won’t get recurring money from this because info products are one-time payments most of the time. I would say this is the second best method to earn money after membership sites.

Sell your photos online

If you have a camera and you do like to take beautiful and professional-looking photos, you can start selling the rights to these photos on stock photo websites. People can buy its rights and you will get money after every sale. This is also an easy method to get money.

There are several sites but the two biggest are iStockPhoto, Shutter Stock.

Social Media + Sponsored posts

If you have a social media page (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) or you want to start one for this purpose you can do sponsored posts for couple hundred dollars. Of course, you need good and regular content for this and you will need an active follower tribe on your site. But it’s fairly easy to start this and in a couple of months, you can get the “minimum” requirement (in the eyes of companies) to promote their products. I would say that the minimum follower counts are around 10-15 thousand on Instagram.

Guest blog posts

If you own a blog and you’re already a trustworthy blogger in other people’s eyes, you can write guest blog posts for other websites. You can write emails to other bigger blog’s owners that you want to write paid guest posts on their website. You can also get some nicer amount of money with guest blogging but you can also use my another tactic: instead of requiring money for your posts you can request your site’s promotion instead. This way your site will also get bigger and bigger which should be your main goal. Or if you’re a big name in your field you may also get money and promotion for your website at the same time.


Fiverr is an awesome website which makes possible for you to sell your skills. The basic idea behind the website is to sell small cheap ($5-$10) gigs. It’s good for everybody because for example if you are a native English speaker you can proofread documents for non-native speakers. Or if you have photo editing and designing experiences you can design logos. A lot of people earns huge amount of money on this site, so it would be a pity to miss this opportunity.

Click here to visit the website and start brainstorming what skills you have which you can trade for some money. On the homepage there are suggestions what people are searching for, you can also check the categories to get some ideas.


Upwork is another awesome freelancer website. It’s similar to Fiverr, just the tasks you do on this site has a wider range. It’s easy to start a job as a virtual assistant who will help busy people to do easy text or document management and other easy computer-related tasks. If you register on the site, they will ask you to select some categories whom you want to get offers from. You can earn much more money than on Fiverr if you find a good client with long-term goals. One thing I have to mention is you will have to be patient and apply to a lot of jobs in the beginning because a lot of clients don’t even reply. Don’t get discouraged from this, it’s similar to “real (offline) life”, just go on and apply for another job.

Click here to visit Upwork.


After you have read this post you should start implementing. It’s visible that you have a bunch of opportunities to earn money online – and be financially and location free. So what you are waiting for? You shouldn’t have any excuses, so select at least one opportunity from the list above which you like the most and start doing it. Have fun and be successful!

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