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What is Geocaching and why is it fun?

In this post I will show you what is Geocaching and why is it fun. I will be honest with you, when I first saw and tried it I didn’t like it and get really bored of it. But when I tried it for the second time I enjoyed so much and haven’t stopped since then… 🙂

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is any day, anytime adventure that can take you to amazing and beautiful places. Or even just to a place in your town that you’ve never been before. There are millions of geocaches worldwide, there are probably even some near you right now.

To start finding them, just get out your phone or GPS. Then, create a free Geocaching account, and you’re ready to go! The way it works is simple.

Just choose the geocache you want to find, then navigate to its location. What you’re looking for varies. Geocaches come in different sizes, shapes, and difficulties. Geocaching isn’t always easy. So it’s okay to get excited when you discover the cache.

After finding, sign the logbook, trade knickknacks if you want, and log your find online. When you’re done, just put the geocache back where you found it, and you’re on to the next one.

My first experiences

So as I mentioned above when I first tried Geocaching I didn’t like it at all… but it wasn’t the game’s fault, neither mine. Or at least I am trying to convince myself. 😀

I was in my teenage years when I first tried it with my father who is a huge hike fan. He always tried to invite me with himself to hiking but I would rather stay at home programming and play on my computer. It was my nerd and stubborn period of life. That’s why I am saying it wasn’t the game’s fault, I didn’t see anything just my computer and geek life.

Another problem for me was the lack of digital help. With the current smartphone app, it’s easy to see on the map the approximate location of the geocache boxes. Back then around 10 years ago we were using the website and my father printed the location data and hints and sometimes we didn’t find the box and it was disappointing. With the smartphone app, it became so much easier and enjoyable (at least in my eyes).


So how did I realize it is a really awesome free time activity? In August 2017, I was watching videos from one of my favorite YouTube vloggers. Justin Stuart & Andrew Scites, or as their vlog channel called: MoreJStu. I have been following them for a few years and then I saw they are doing geocaching. It was familiar to me but previously I wasn’t able to enjoy it. But I saw how fun and adventurous it was, so I installed the app on my iPhone. Checked it and there were 3 or 4 boxes right near our place on the hills. To be honest I was bored at my workplace (back then in 2017) and watching that video there. Then when I went home that evening I have shown the video to my girlfriend and she also liked it. It was dark outside by then so we couldn’t try it immediately. But then on the next weekend, we went up to the hills and looking for the first geocache box, then the second and third. And it was so exciting, we felt ourselves like kids when Christmas is coming.

Here is the video I have been talking about. I recommend you to watch it, probably you will get the mood after to go outside and find some boxes.


If you have watched the videos above and read the post probably you will also find this game a really good free time activity. It’s also good because in our lazy world it will encourage you to walk and hike which is awesome. But when you get closer to the boxes you will get so excited, you will forget every other problem and will focus on just this.

Now go and register a free account and try it yourself.

Also, comment your experiences below.

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