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What to do when you get bored of working?

It happens with all of us that we get bored of working. If we force more and more we will become less and less productive. Sometimes it’s the best to have some rest and reload our energy levels. I will show you the best activities you can do in those moments when you are sick of too much work.


Reading is one of the best (if not the best) free time activities. Nowadays most people don’t read anything or just the BS what they see on social media (I am not against social media because if you use it right it’s an awesome tool). Even the younger generations don’t read and it’s weird for me because with reading some useful books or articles you can improve yourself a lot in a really short time.

And what do you see? People are complaining about they are stuck at a level and they can’t go ahead.

I encourage you to read the following:

– Inspirational quotes: It’s always a good thing to get some motivation from inspirational quotes. Just search for the term “inspirational quotes” or “motivational quotes” in Google and read some.

– Investing websites: Investing your money would be so important because if you invest it right in a few years you will have a lot of savings. Go and learn something new and your future self will appreciate it.

– 5-10 pages from the book you are currently reading: It doesn’t take so much time to read 5 or 10 pages but if you do it constantly – most preferably every day – then you can read up to 3650 pages in a year. It depends on the length of the books you read but it is at least 10-15 books. Where could you be if you read 10-15 books a year? So let’s go and read.

Phone calls/discussions with friend & family

Life isn’t just about work. Friendships and relationships are an important part of people’s lives. In your free time, you should write/call some of your friends or your family members. Ask them how is it going and share details about your day too. You will feel better immediately because connecting with your loved ones will increase hormone levels related to happiness.

Just don’t chit-chat too much because you will get stuck there and your work will suffer this.

My tip: contact a friend you haven’t talked to for a while.

Make travel plans

Okay, maybe you are not traveling as much as me and it’s right. This lifestyle I am currently living is not suitable for everyone. But everyone loves traveling and probably you are going on a vacation for a week or so every year. You can start planning and arranging your next trip in your work break. I always get motivated when I see photos of those beautiful places where I want to go next.

Wondering why the hell this guy is traveling so frequently everywhere and you being stuck at a desk?

As I said above constant traveling is not suitable for everyone. But when you feel constantly you want to quit your job then it’s time to leave your current job.

I am working on a course about how to start your online business, so you can join the world of digital nomads (just like me), can be financially free and also make a better income than you’re currently earning right now at your workplace plus travel the world constantly.

Join the waiting list in the end of this post right now and get notified when my course launches. You will be able to learn how to start your online business.

Plan your schedule for the following weeks/months

Planning your schedule should be done on a regular basis. If you haven’t done it lately you can also do it in your work break. It will give you a context switch, so you won’t focus on your work. It will also give you an energy boost because you will feel motivated by your awesome plans.

Listen to music

Do you have a favorite genre? I have two, with the first I fell in love in 2005 and still my favorite genre. With the other genre, I heard the first song around 2008 but I didn’t like it for a while then suddenly I fell in love with that too. If you follow me on Instagram (and you should do: @excitedtraveler) you have probably seen that I have been in some music festivals in the last years.

If you are like most people you have favorite genres or at least favorite musicians. Turn on your favorite tunes and lay back, close your eyes and just enjoy the music. It will give you a boost and you will feel energized. It’s almost like you are in a different world altogether when listening to your favorites.

Browse through Instagram, Facebook and reply to messages and comments.

If you have a business probably you have Instagram and/or Facebook pages or groups. Take your time to read the reactions and messages. Also, reply to them. When you read positive feedback on the content you shared it will make you happy (and you shouldn’t care about trolls) and also make your business run better. The most engagement on your posts the better.

Watch (educational) videos from your favorite YouTubers

As I mentioned above, constant improvement of your knowledge is really important. If you don’t prefer reading you can watch educational videos on YouTube.

I have some favorite channels, most of them are in online business, money, motivation. Here are my Top 3 list:

Project Life Mastery

Tony Robbins

Dan Lok

You may ask: What about entertainment in your free time? This is also good but it won’t push your forward. Although sometimes it’s good to turn off your brain and have some rest, so here is the recommendation of my favorite entertaining YouTube channels:



Watch motivational and inspirational TED Talks videos

Probably you have heard of TED Talks. It has inspiring videos in a wide range. You can find the topics you are most interested in. If you don’t prefer reading or YouTube, you can also go here and watch some motivational or inspirational videos.

Listen to a podcast or an audiobook

The goal here is also to improve your knowledge. If you don’t prefer written texts or videos, maybe audio content will fit your needs better. I listen to podcast and audiobooks whenever I take my leg out of the house. I don’t want to waste my time while commuting so I learn while on the go.

Here are my podcast recommendations:

Tim Ferriss

Smart Passive Income

Tony Robbins

Project Life Mastery

Take a walk

Walking is a really healthy outdoor activity, but probably you know this. It helps you to reorder ideas in your brain and fresh air helps you to think better when you go back working. I always take a walk whenever I feel tired and it makes me fresh and motivated again.


If you meditate 10-15 minutes in your work breaks you will feel stress relief, inner peace and you will get energized immediately.

I recommend you to use the Headspace app which is available for iOS & Android devices and also has a web version so you can use it on your computer too.

If you have a dog or cat, play with them

I am a huge animal fan. I love all of them, especially dogs. A lot of people have a dog or cat, maybe you also have one (or more). Playing with your pets will “turn off” your brain and you forget about your everyday problems. If you work from home or your workplace is close to your home, I encourage you to play or walk with your animals.

It’s also a good physical activity but it will also help you to calm down.


Whenever you are bored of working you shouldn’t just say “I am bored”. I mentioned several good activities what you can do in work breaks which will also make you more motivated and energized so you will feel thrived to go back to work. Whether it’s about physical activities or reading, listening to audios or videos, you will find your favorite from the list above. Next time when you feel bored just remember this list and pick one or more from it.

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