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Why did I quit my job and why you should do so?

You’re like most of the people, and you hate your job? I was in the same situation for years… until that point when it was enough, and I collected enough courage to talk with my boss about my future and quit my job.

If you don’t know me, let me introduce myself. My name is Blaise (in my country they know me as Balázs, but it’s hard to pronounce in English), a mid-20s guy from the capital of Hungary. I always wanted to be a web developer, so I started this long journey when I was 6, later I went to an IT-specific high school and got my BSc degree as an IT engineer. In 2014 I started working at a company as a frontend web developer as an intern. Then in 2015 when I got my degree, I’ve become a full-time employee — starting my road down to the hell.

I couldn’t handle it more, and I quit at the end of 2017, even ditching my big dream profession.

The reasons why I quit

There are several reasons which encouraged me to leave my job and start an entirely new life. Probably you will be able to relate with most or all of them because they are well-known problems for most people.

There are bigger and smaller problems but they added up, and it became too much.

No free time

Having almost no free time was one of the most significant problems. Most of the workplaces have strict rules when you have to work. It’s 9 to 5 in most places. I didn’t have this rule, and I went to work every day for 10 AM because it was convenient for me. I worked until 6 PM every day, even on Fridays. One hour (both in morning and evening, so 2 hours) of transportation and it was already dark outside. I was also tired, so I didn’t have the energy to do anything, nor I had free time to do what I want.


Okay, this is a personal problem but strongly related to my workplace, so I am trying to be short with this. I started to feel boredom and hated everything about my job. The projects didn’t make any sense and were like if we are building it for grandpas (nothing wrong with that though, but as a young guy it didn’t make sense). It started to appear on my health too: I was shaking, and hard-breathing appeared. I wasn’t able to spend my work and free time calmly because I was anxious and shaking. Probably I will write another post of my experiences.

More responsibility without more salary

Probably you’re familiar with this issue. There are two possible cases. First, your boss starts to trust you much more than in the beginning and they give you more tasks. Secondly, colleagues quit, and there won’t be enough workers, so you will have to work on their responsibilities too.

In my situation, both cases applied. I learned a lot, and I was to work better, faster and more in less time. Also, a lot of young colleagues quit and there weren’t any new colleagues on the projects. So 2-3x more work for the same salary (or less if I count the inflation).

Almost no vacation time

I don’t know what the rules in your country are. In Hungary, the base vacation time is 21 days, and as you’re getting older, you will get one extra day in every few years. It’s not enough to have a rest and relax. This issue is strongly related to the next one.

I wanted to travel

A lot… but with attached to a company and a place I wasn’t able to wander too much. Even though I had the money to go, I didn’t have enough time. So probably if you’re reading this travel blog, you feel the same and want to travel a lot.

I never loved being an employee

It’s also a common thing. You hate your boss (no offense), hate going to the office every day, hate the projects and so on.

I had an unsuccessful online business around 2008. I was 15, but I already wanted to be an entrepreneur. I had a problem though; I didn’t know how should I make income with that. So it failed, and I later thought I had to become an employee because everyone goes on this path… but heck no, go after your dreams and don’t do things just because everybody does.

Questions to ask before quitting your job

Do I have enough money?

Money can be a big problem if you don’t have enough. You don’t have to be a millionaire, but you should have enough money to cover your daily expenses (food, bills, etc.).

It’s a smart decision to have enough money at least for the next 12 months. If you’re planning to start your own business, you should have even more saved money because you will need to invest money in your biz.

So before quitting your job from a sudden upset, you should sit and calm down and think about it. Check your bank account whether you’ve enough money, sum your expenses and create a plan for your costs. It shouldn’t take too much time, and you will learn a lot, and you can consider if it’s safe to quit your job right now or you should wait a few more months.

Do I need a job or should I work online?

It’s a tough question because you’re the only one who can answer this. If you’re deciding to quit your job, probably, you have most or all of the problems that I mentioned above. Note that if you would go to another workplace, after a short time these problems would reappear. That’s why I don’t recommend taking another position, and I encourage you to start a new life and start a more profitable online business than your current job.

I know it’s scary, I also lived through this feeling… but after a few weeks or months, it becomes so much better. If you decided and you will take this huge step, I will help you on your journey. I can give you advice what business you should start and also help you build it from scratch with my help. Contact me, and I will help you.

If it won’t work, will I have a backup plan?

Note that if you’re getting out of money you can always go back and take an occasional job. So if you’re afraid you will get homeless, or you won’t be able to pay your bills or eat, you shouldn’t have a fear of this. Just think about what can be the worst case scenario? If you have a degree, you can go back and work in your profession whenever you want. If you don’t have a university degree or you need money quick, you can always go and work at a fast food restaurant because they will regularly need new people. But this is just the worst case and probably won’t happen.

Besides this, if you will become an employee again (which I don’t recommend), your future employers will be amazed of your courage and will be curious and ask a lot of your previous experiences.


  • I am my boss, and nobody tells me what should I do. Note that this can be a bad thing.
  • I have much more free time.
  • I can do whatever I want and whenever I want: For example, I can walk in the middle of the day, watch series or play video games whenever I want.
  • I can work wherever I want: I am not attached to a single place so that I can work in a mall, a co-working office, at home or I can even work from a different country.
  • I can travel or relocate to anywhere in the world without anybody notice it: As I have much more time, I can use it to wander


  • Procrastination: When you don’t have deadlines set by other people it’s much easier to postpone your tasks and watch YouTube videos, scroll your news feed, etc.
  • Lack of a reliable income stream in the beginning: it’s different compared to being an employee that you won’t get a salary at the beginning of the month.
  • I work much more: I have much more time, so I fill my empty hours with working, which isn’t that bad because I am working on projects which I genuinely
  • You’ll experience fear, uncertainty, and occasional boredom: It’s terrifying when you are starting a new life because most of the things will be uncertain. When you have a lot of things to do, and you don’t know what you should start with, you will get bored and start procrastinating.


So as a conclusion I can say that quitting your job is not for everybody. In my opinion, leaving your position at your workplace has more pros than cons, and it was one of my best decision ever.

Just be grateful for your experiences, even for good and bad things. You can learn a lot from them.


If you have questions, let me know in the comments.

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  1. Hey Blaise!
    Thank you for sharing your story and summarizing the pros and cons. I am right before making this huge decision because I really hate my current job. I was also able to relate with your situation too.
    Can you give me some advice how to make this process easier?


    1. Hello Rick,

      First of all thank you for writing your comment, I appreciate you’re reading my blog and being active here.
      There are some questions I would ask before taking the step and quit your job.
      The first one is, do you have enough money to live without any problems for at least a year, but instead for 2? Calculate your expenses as mentioned in the post above.
      Also ask it from yourself whether you know what will you do after you become unemployed? I mean you will find another job or start your online business.

      If you know everything mentioned above and you’re pretty sure you want to move on, DO IT. I know it’s horrifying but you have to take this step if you’re suffering.

      Have a nice day and good luck,
      Blaise 🙂

      1. Thank you so much for you advice.
        I have been thinking in the past few days… a lot… and I am ready to start my online business.
        I have already signed up to your business waiting list and really waiting for it.

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